Where do we start?

LoneStar provides several different types of training and teams for competition to fit all skill levels and goals.

First, for those new to the sport or have limited experience, consider joining the Academy training program.  Academy has monthly session year round.  Participants will meet 1 night a week for 2 hours to train with LoneStar professional coaches in small group of 1 coach to 10 participants.  Each session, participants will learn the proper skill mechanics necessary to play volleyball.

Participants will continue training in Academy until they have a solid ability to apply the skills, and then they will have the opportunity to elevate their training through Academy II.

All participants must have approval to join Academy II.  Contact us at Training@LoneStarVolleyball.net for additional information.

In addition to Academy, LoneStar offers a variety of camps and clinics as well as private training to enhance and elevate skills.

Next, LoneStar offers 

How do I register a TEAM to play in the Youth League?

The SportsPilot registration system provides the ability for a coach to register a team and privately invite their players through SportsPilot email to register directly to the team.

1.  The Head Coach will login to their SportsPilot account and click Register Coach next to their name.

2.  The Head Coach will fill in all fields of the registration form.  Please read each question and available answers carefully as this is the information we use to set up all team details such as the game shirt type and color, practice requests, hiring a LoneStar coach and game conflicts.

3. Once the registration is completed, the Head Coach will return to their account.  Click VIEW next to their name on the right side. The registration history will open.  Hover over VIEW next to the season you just registered for then slide down to MANAGE TEAM ROSTER.  The roster will open.

4.  Click SEND EMAIL / INVITATION.  The emailer will open.  You can use this tool to send emails to the team throughout the season as well.

5.  Click the check box above your name to ATTACH INVITATION TO REGISTER ON-LINE.

6.  Add all parent email addresses for your team, including the Head Coach’s email if they have a player to register to this team. 

7.  Add a Subject (example:  Invitation to Register to Diggin It for the Spring Season)

8.  Add a message to the team.

9.  When you’ve added all details, click SEND EMAIL.  A personal email invitation will be sent to all email addresses you’ve listed.

10.  Invited players will receive an email with a link to login and register their child to your team.

11.  If you are asked for the Registration Code, it’s included in the invitation, however, you can also find it on the Roster page in the grey header at the top of the roster.

12.  If you have players that are 2 grades or age divisions younger, they will need to register as Unassigned in their age division and then the Head Coach will send a request to info@LoneStarVolleyball.net to move them to their roster.

13.  If you have a player that is in a grade higher or an age division higher, you will have to move the team to the higher grade or older age division as we do not allow players to play down.  The exception is for Recreational players whose birthdays place them in a higher grade, but attend the grade of the team.

14.  Still have questions, contact us at info@LoneStarVolleyball.net.

How do I register PARTICIPANTS for LoneStar programs?
  1. Click the Register / Login link on any page.
  2. If you have an existing account, LOGIN
  3. If you do not have an account, click “Create a New Account” link.
  4. PLEASE DO NOT create a new account if you have an existing account! Contact us if login assistance is needed.
  5. Complete the PARENT information form.  This will create your Family Profile.
  6. From here, you can add another parent/guardian and all participating children.  Once your family members are added to the Family Profile, you are ready to register.
  7. A parent can register as a Volunteer Coach.
  8. Children can be registered for LoneStar programs.
  10. Click the PARTICIPANT’S name (a parent can register as a Volunteer Coach and Children can be registered for LoneStar programs).
  11. Click the PROGRAM you wish to register for.
  12. Click the LEAGUE (grade or age group) you wish to register for.
  13. Next, you’ll select the Participant’s ROLE
  • When registering a PLAYER, click, PLAYER
  • When registering a COACH (this is usually a Volunteer Assistant Coach or a new Volunteer Coach without a team)
  • When registering as a HEAD COACH and CREATING A TEAM, click Team Reg
  1. If registering a PLAYER:
    1. And you have a team code, select your team name then complete registration to that team.
    2. But, if you do not have a team, select Unassigned then complete registration.
  2. If registering a COACH (this is usually a Volunteer Assistant Coach or a new Volunteer Coach without a team. DO NOT use this to Create a New Team) then select the Role.
    1. If you have a team code, select your team name then complete registration to that team.
    2. If you do not have a team, select Unassigned then complete registration.
  3. If registering a TEAM-REG, select the Head Coach role (even if you are registering to a LoneStar Coach Team as we use the data from the Head Coach to set up team requirements). Be sure to fill in all fields as this form sets up your team.
  4. Once the registration form is complete, be sure to CHECK OUT to complete registration.
  5. Contact info@LoneStarVolleyball.net for assistance.
Where can I find a listing of LoneStar programs?

Click the link below to review the current listing of LoneStar programs.


How do I schedule private training?

Click the link below to fill in a request for a lesson.  We’ll be back with you within 24-48 business hours to let you know we’re working on your request!