LoneStar Volleyball Club – Team Documents

LoneStar Volleyball Club is a junior’s affiliate of the North Texas Region of USA Volleyball. The staff of LoneStar Volleyball Club would like to offer a warm welcome to families considering our club for the upcoming season.  

Benefits of Club Volleyball  

  • Customized training program based on Gold Medal Squared standards  
  • Strong, experienced, professional coaching staff led by former college coaches & scholarship athletes  
  • Training held in Frisco at LoneStar Sports Center, home of LoneStar Volleyball Club 10570 John W. Elliott Dr, #600, Frisco TX 75033 
  • Tournaments scheduled for optimum competition and collegiate recruiting exposure   www.LoneStarVolleyball.net 
  • Strong collegiate recruiting program for 14s to 18s  
  • Injury prevention and recovery in the Player’s Recovery Lounge  
Coaching Assignments Have Been Made! 

The LoneStar coaching team is comprised of some of the region’s most qualified junior coaches, including current college coaches and former scholarship athletes.  Our team is selected to ensure cohesive beliefs in training philosophy and teaching methods when it comes to junior athletes.  The LoneStar team supports a consistent training methodology and environment for our 1st graders up to 18U in all programs. We speak the same language across all programs and ages.  As athletes and teams excel in skill and IQ, the strategy and intensity increases.   

Read detailed resumes at www.LoneStarVolleyball.net. Hover over DIRECTORY in the top menu then select the coach you’d like to read about.  Also, check out the Club Teams page for a directory of all coaching assignments.   

LoneStar Volleyball Club –  FUNdraising 

LoneStar Volleyball is pleased to provide fundraising events for those interested.  Details will be available at the initial club meeting. 

  • Immediate positions available for the following for athletes who have committed to joining a LoneStar Volleyball Club team only. 
  • Flexible scheduling is available to work around club tournaments. 
  • Funds earned will be credited to the athlete’s club dues 

What’s Included in each Team Type – Updates are being made to our Club Packages.  Please check back.




LoneStar Volleyball and Performance Training   

Your club player is at the highest competition level and should be practicing and training as an elite athlete. Great athletes prepare, train and play year-round because it is crucial to mitigate the risk of injury, perform at their best and to stay conditioned to the rigors and demands of a high level of play. 

LoneStar Performance (LSP) focuses on educating players, coaches, and parents on how to be better athletes. We spend time teaching the mechanics and processes in order to increase their athletic IQ, safety, and ability. Just as cognitive lessons with practical implementation are taught in skill training, 

Your level of play is determined by the speed and power of your execution. 

Does your athlete come into season physically prepared for the rigor and level of play? We don’t mean, do they have the skill. Do they have the speed, strength and stamina to help keep them from getting injured? Too many athletes are not proactive and miss the opportunity to substantially improve through pre-season or off-season training to help them reach their full potential. The goal of in-season training is to maintain a player’s current level and mitigate the risk of injury, focusing on accomplishing minor gains in speed and strength. Every athlete should have a good pre-season program so they are prepared for what is ahead, not playing catch up when season or injury hits. We strongly encourage a year-round training plan so you can prepare for season, stay healthy in season and make better gains in off-season. 

LoneStar Performance wants to ensure you continue to develop through a 6-month training program, November through April for teams 10U-18U. 

Texas Muscle Activation – Injury prevention and recovery with Texas Muscle Activation membership  

Recruiting Services (14s-18s) – Strong collegiate recruiting program for 14s to 18s with SportsRecruits

Club Fee Details 

Updates are being made to our Club Fees.  Pricing will be available prior to tryouts.

*Post season fees included in Elite Teams:  11s, 13s, 15s & 16s.

Fee Plan:  Fees may be paid through a monthly payment plan over the course of the season.  A deposit is due on contract signing date then monthly payments begin September 1st.   Fees included in this table are based on 10-12 players on a team. 

 Expenses included in Club Fees: 

    Not Included with Patriot, but available for purchase
  • Officiating & scorekeeping clinics 
  • Tournament entry (meals not included) 
  • Uniform & accessory package 
  • Training Equipment 
  • Coach compensation, USAV fees & travel expense 
  • Administrative & Overhead  
  • Facility use  
  • Performance Training  
  • Texas Muscle Activation Membership (12s-18s)  
  • Recruiting Services (14U-18U) 


Late Fee Policy 

  • 1 day late – a late notice will be emailed  
  • 2 days late –  a $35 late fee will be added and a notice will be emailed 
  • 5 days late – an additional $25 late fee will be added and a notice will be emailed 
  • 10 days late:  A notice will be emailed and the coach will be notified that the player is suspended from practice, performance training, and games, however, the player is expected to report to practices and games.  The player’s account must be brought up to date, including late fees, for player participation.  
  • 30 days late – the account moves to a contract default and will be managed per the terms of the Signing Agreement.