Welcome to LoneStar Volleyball Club 2019-20!   16th Season in Frisco, Texas!

 LoneStar Volleyball Club is a junior’s affiliate of the North Texas Region of USA Volleyball. The staff of LoneStar Volleyball Club would like to offer a warm welcome to families considering our club for the upcoming season.

Club Kickoff Meeting, October TBD

16th Anniversary Teams!

Summer “PVA Club League” Tryouts

PVA Tryouts for Summer II Session have been cancelled.

We have 1 7th grade team with 3-4 openings.  If interested, contact WoodruffJ@LoneStarVolleyball.net for information.

Season:  July 12 – August 10

Fee:  $325 per player at 11-12 players per team 

Pre-formed teams without tryouts are still welcome to join us!  Contact info@LoneStarVolleyball.net for details and registration.


Position Training

 LoneStar’s Professional Coaches will lead this position-specific training

Intermediate to Advanced Experience
Ages 8U-18U per USA Volleyball Age Definition (below)
All athletes welcome
• Outsides
• Middle
• DS / Libero
• Setter
Registration fee:  $25 per clinic
For dates, see event calendar >>
Registration closes 2 business days in advance. A late registration fee will apply.

Club Team Levels

 Club season will begin soon, so we thought we’d provide some information on how LoneStar defines their team levels.

Elite Teams – Highest skilled athletes who may be planning a collegiate athletic career.  The intent is to compete in Open divisions of high-ranked, local tournaments and qualifiers.  Travel out of DFW.

National Teams – Highly skilled athletes who may be planning a collegiate athletic career.  The intent is to compete in the USA division of high-ranked, local tournaments and qualifiers.  Limited travel out of DFW.

Regional Teams – Skilled athletes.  The intent is to compete in the Club division of local tournaments.  No travel out of DFW

Patriot Teams – Skilled athletes.  The intent is to gain exposure to club tournaments and compete in LoneStar’s Youth League Competitive division. No travel out of DFW.


  • Customized training program based on the Gold Medal Squared standards
  • Strong, experienced, professional coaching staff led by former college coaches & scholarship athletes
  • Training held in Frisco at LoneStar Sports Center, home of LoneStar Volleyball Club
  • Tournaments scheduled for optimum competition and collegiate recruiting exposure
  • Strong collegiate recruiting program for 14s to 18s with SportsRecruits 
  • Injury Prevention and Recovery care with Texas Muscle Activation membership 

Recruiting Coordinator:  Lacie Allen, AllenL@LoneStarVolleyball.net or 214-686-7200

Summer Position Training Clinics and Tryouts for 2019-2020 are Happening SOON!

Pre-Registration Required for ALL clinics or tryouts attending

Position Training  June 16th, 23rd 1:00-2:30p
Position Training  June 13th, 20th, 27th 4:00-5:00p
Summer PVA “Club League” Tryouts June 22nd 4:00-5:30p  7th / 8th Grades $25
2019-20 Club Tryouts* July 7th 1:00-2:30p
2019-20 Club Tryouts* July 8th-July 11th 4:30-5:30p
2019-20 Club Tryouts*
(2 sessions)
July 13th (2 Sessions)





2019-20 Club Tryouts* July 14th 1:00-2:00p
* Additional Club Tryouts will be added after July 14th

Would your experienced volleyball athlete thrive playing volleyball at a higher level, but your time commitment is limited? 

LoneStar Volleyball has 2 PERFECT solutions for you!  Both Options Require Registration 

LoneStar Patriot Club Teams offer a club environment with less commitment of time and fee.

  • Member of USA Volleyball
  • Tryouts begin July 7 through end of August
  • Season runs January through April *
  • 2-hour Practice included with a professional club coach
    1. Option to purchase a second 2-hour practice for the season)
  • Play in Winter LoneStar Youth League Competitive Division
  • Play in 3 USA Volleyball Club Tournaments in March and April
  • Club uniform package
  • Fee will be available on or before July 7 on the Club Teams page of our website
  • Details: http://lonestarvolleyball.net/club-teams/
  • Contact: AllenL@LoneStarVolleyball.net for additional information
  • * Teams formed prior to the Fall ’19 season have the option to play in the LoneStar Youth League as a team at the standard fee and inclusions 

Youth League Teams offer 4 seasons of competitive play over 8 weeks.

  • Based on USA Volleyball rules, so knowledge of competitive volleyball is necessary
  • Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
  • 2-hour Practice included with a professional coach
  • Tryout for Select Team where team is put together by skills of players ($360 includes $35 tryout fee per season)
  • LoneStar Coach Team where individuals sign up with no tryout so skills will vary ($325 per season)
  • Details: http://lonestarvolleyball.net/youth-league-teams/
  • Contact: info@LoneStarVolleyball.net for additional information
Club Contacts
Club Directory

Executive Director             Arneva Martin              info@LoneStarVolleyball.net               214-334-3105

Club Director                      Lacie Allen                    AllenL@LoneStarVolleyball.net           214-686-7200

Club Assistant Director     Jacob Hanan                Hanan@LoneStarVolleyball.net          940-268-9088

Recruiting                                                                  Recruiting@LoneStarVolleybal.net     214-334-3105

Travel Coordinator                                                   Travel@LoneStarVolleyball.net           214-334-3105

Accounting                         Amy Henson                HensonA@LoneStarVolleyball.net 

2019-20 Coaching Assignments will be posted mid to late April. View coaching resumes from our website. Hover over Coaching Team in the main menu then click the coach you'd like to read about.





Team Head Coach Asst Coach Team Head Coach Asst Coach
18 Red 14 Blue
18 White 14 Patriot Alan Jarnagin
18 Blue 13 Red Lacie Allen-Sojdei
18 Patriot 13 White Chris Norwood Jennessa Gattis-Mercer
17 Red TBD 13 Blue Brittany Harris
17 White 13 Patriot Rick Menedez
17 Blue 12 Red Julie Paulson Sydney Davis
17 Patriot 12 White Gaby Cruz
16 Red Jacob Hanan 12 Blue
16 White Terri Harrod Lee Tonga 12 Patriot
16 Blue 11 Red Chris Norwood
16 Patriot 11 White
15 Red Jacob Hanan 11 Blue
15 White 11 Patriot
15 Blue 10 Red Marissa Pittman Jordan Woodruff
15 Patriot 10 White
14 Red Lee Tonga 10 Blue
14 White
















USA Volleyball Age Definitions



Once a player participates (including but not limited to practicing, training,attending workouts and/or competing) in a club or varsity program for any university, college, community college, or junior college, he/she is ineligible to take part in any regional and national programming, which includes but is not limited to national JNC qualifying and championship events.

18 and under division




Players who were born on or after September 1st, 2001 or

Players who were born on or after September 1st, 2000 and

a high school student in the 12th grade during some part of

the academic year.

17 and under division Players who were born on or after September 1st, 2002
16 and under division Players who were born on or after September 1st, 2003
15 and under division Players who were born on or after September 1st, 2004
14 and under division Players who were born on or after September 1st, 2005
13 and under division Players who were born on or after September 1st, 2006 
12 and under division Players who were born on or after September 1st, 2007


Not sure what age division you should try out for?  Simple. Just figure out how old you will be next year on August 31, 2020. You are eligible to play in that age group or an older age group.  Players are allowed to play up in an older age division, but are not allowed to play down in age.

The birth date cut-off set by USA Volleyball is September 1. See the age division chart for official date guidelines.



2018-19 LoneStar Volleyball Club Teams

10 RED

Head Coach:  Marissa Pittman

Assistant:  Erin Smith 

Lauren Aguilar 3
Sarah Angelley 1
Bella Ballas 2
Hasita Choppa 9
Ava Cryer 4
Samantha Dunbar 12
Mia Hurst 10
Zoey Mazzola 8
Elise Murtha 11
Alex Nosel 7
Marissa Sager 5
Rylie Uland 6

11 RED

Head Coach:  Carl Aqunio

Assistant:  Paige Lawrence 

Kamdyn Haney 2
Kate Humbarger 12
Ava Martin 5
Skylar Medina 4
Ava Mince 7
Aeda Ra 10
Ivy Schaefer 1
Avery Strait 6
Anika Surve 11
Emma Viars 3
Madison Watts 8

12 RED

Head Coach:  Jacob Hanan

Assistant:  Julie Paulson 

Kiana Babaei 1
Rhyse Bramlett 4
Brynn Chapman 3
Brooke Crowder 9
Presley Dire 12
Kaylan Domek 8
Riley Johnson 2
Jaleigh Larra 5
Emily McShan 11
Mckenna Paulson 10
Sofia Peck 7
Lauren Sager 6


Head Coach:  Julie Paulson

Assistant:  Sydney Davis 

Alexa Araujo 16
Angelica Bailey 22
Emmy Ballas 17
Mia Duttarer 20
Gebhardt Gabrielle 21
Aakanksha Gorla 15
Taylor Hines 13
Haley Holman 18
Kylynn Jackson 14
Chloe Johnson 19
Lauren Puckett 23
Madison Smith 24


Head Coach:  Tristen Wisenor


Alyssa Boulter 1
Avery DeArman 2
Lauren Fields 6
Ryleigh Gann 8
Brenley Gibson 3
Paige Hawkinson 7
Hanna Jazvin 5
Gracyn Steele 4
Sophie Uretsky-Murph 9
Caleigh Hart 10


Head Coach:  Megan Carney-Brown

Assistant:  Rachel Buckley 

Rachel Gelb 6
Haylene Huerta 13
Brooklyn Iley 9
Rayna Kremer 3
Alana Krock 5
Bailey McCreary 8
Rachel Michaud 17
Carsen Prentice 2
Priyal Talwar 4
Janea Williams 10


Head Coach: Gaby Cruz


Daniela Arango 1
Jaiden Bell 4
Madison Branch 5
Katherine Happe 3
Jacquilyn Jantzen 2
Ryan Keller 8
Whitney North 11
Madeline O’Malley 9
Megan Patel 6
Meredith Rackley 10
Megan Wiatt 7

14 RED

Head Coach:  Daryl Norwood

Assistant:  Natalie Collier 

Reagan Biavaschi 2
Emma Cacurak 12
Alexis Carranza 5
Savannah Dunbar 7
Eva Harris 6
Corey Hazlewood 3
Adamari Hernandez 9
Emma Hurst 11
Mackenzie Johnson 4
Ella Nowlin 10
Maya Panday 8
Hanna Rubis 1


Head Coach:  Chris Norwood

Assistant:  Brittany Harris 

Cassidy Brown 14
Kinsleigh Darter 15
Ariana Davari 18
Taylor Fogliani 13
Reagan Friesland 22
Lily Koehn 16
Ashuiya Sujit 24
Alex Trotter 21
Haley Trunks 23
Sam Tucker 20
Reagan Garcia 19
Nika Motile 17


Head Coach:  Natalie Collier


Sara Fox 8
Sabrina Gordon 10
Peyton Judson 1
Taylor Mcillwain 12
Lauren Peterson 2
Taylor Platz 9
Katharine Smith 5
Madelene Wentz 11


Head Coach:  Carl Aqunio


Alyssa Arrant 3
Ashlyn Baker 11
Isabella Carter 7
Addison Crawford 1
Hannah Evans 6
Marisa Gallardo 8
Emma Gray 4
Adyson Hubbard 2
Sophia Kisseleva 9
Hailey Lineberger 5
Talia Ludwig 10

15 RED

 Head Coach:   Jacob Hanan

Assistant:   Gaby Cruz

Jordan Chapman 3
Jean Dixon 1
Jazzlyn Ford 7
Caelyn Gunn 11
Angela Henson 5
Camryn Hill 2
Emma Janek 4
Camryn McGough 6
Jessie Moore 8
Kelsey Perry 10
Isabella Trujillo 12
Joyce Wang 9



Head Coach:   Daryl Norwood

Assistant:  Chris Norwood 

Beatriz Bettencourt 18
Macey Borland 14
Kaitlyn Dragoslavic 21
Cheyenne Edwards 13
Faith Fritz 19
Noel Holzner 16
Helen Hood 20
Olivia Masteller 24
Holland Mundorff 17
Josie Raftelis 23
Kayden Tanner 22
Karen Wang 15

18 RED

Head Coach:  Lee Tonga

Assistant:  Matt Aquino

Taylor Andrejack 3
Michaella DeCapua 12
Mckenzie Hines 14
Lexi Hogan 2
Hannah McCord 8
Hannah McDavid 7
McKenna Mendoza 4
Gia Mussat 1
Cara Pool 9
Abigail Sparkman 5
Chloe Wyatt 15
Madeline Zietz 13


Head Coach:  Jenn Bramlett



Katie Benton 5
Caroline Carter 3
Emma Grant 6
Kymiko Joseph 1
Madeleine Mays 7
Jada Medford 4
Kayla Nguyen 11
Randi Richardson 9
Ashlyn Schraad 2
Natalie Shavor 8
Savannah Turner 10

16 RED

Head Coach:  Jenn Bramlett

Assistant:  Todd Bramlett 

Ella Abbott 3
Julia Bortolasi 7
April-Marie Egwu 9
Sarah Floyd 8
Amrita Gabu 5
Rachel Garside 4
Nyah Ingram 2
Abby Koyle 1
Marissa Mclaughlin 25
Savannah Moody 13
Talia  Williams 6


Head Coach:  Terri Harrod

Assistant:  Lee Tonga

Jai Chewe 10
Alyssa Clemovitz 8
Zoey Darwin 4
Cayla Difiglia 3
Avery Hill 7
Jasmine Melton 12
Emma Roscher 11
Dani Sloan 19
Sydney Thomas 2
Berea Thompson 5
Sydney Whitfield 1
Alexa Williams 6



2018-19 Club Teams